Friday, 7 May 2010

Fridays Tip

Move to Sudan !

No really the Monty D family are now hastily packing to get a plane to Sudan.If you think things were bad under Labour ?Wait until the soppy bastards start to argue over who does what in this hung parliament.

Will shall be back in the Autumn when I assume another election will be called ?And we can go through this all over again.

Now where's me factor 30 ?

Monty D


  1. I should have stood for election, at least it'd be a well hung parliament then ;-)

    Boom boom.

    Can anyone else hear Basil Brush laughing?

  2. JAA,

    Phew we have Internet Access here in Sudan.Can I hear Basil Brush ?No just the rat tat tat,of machine gun fire to be honest.

    It's like Hackney E9 to be honest,just not as smelly :-)

  3. I once got trapped in a girl's house in Hackney by a mini-riot outside, kicked off by two groups of differnt ethic orgins. Bit scary, had to spend the time sha&&ing instead of looking out the window. Those were the days...

    Tackle out at the week-end?

  4. JAA,

    I lived for many years in Hackney and it holds a special place in my heart.It reminds me of "Rice and Peas" Sundays and "Blue Dances".But that's for another day.

    No fishing mate,working Saturday and Sunday O/T need the money for that syndicate I'll get you and Nemp on next season for a day.

    Off for a pint.

    Enjoy the weekend gent's.

    Monty D

  5. Two public school boys to run the country..................... bloody hell what has it all come too!