Saturday, 1 May 2010

Docter Feel Good And Some Nice Crucian Carp

Had a very good day out today with a mate on a little lake we know.You see I do actually fish for those who just think I talk utter bollocks on here.I set up with a rod and reel,mate used a Pole (Boo Hiss).

Had a few Tench to around 5lbs or so then started to miss bite after bite.Typical Crucian Carp bites,very fickle.Changed down to a 2.3 hook length and size 18 hook and just a small piece of Corn.Bingo a nice 'Cru of around 1.5lb.Then throughout the day the fish fed in fits and starts.You would get half an hours action,then slowly the bites would dry up.

Gentle feeding,note I said gentle none of that pile it in here!Brought them back on and ended up with a few more Tench,Roach,Rudd and Cru's.The best of all is pictured.This little beauty weighed in at 2.12,with three others over 2LB. All my fish came off the rod end around some Lilly Pads.

The best way to fish for these lovely little fish in my eyes.Some advocate "Bolt Rigs" as you get more hook ups ?

Where is the fun in that ?Glad I do not need to make a living at this game ?

Time for a beer.

Monty D


  1. Yessling Ying1 May 2010 at 20:08

    Brown goldfish mate..............................;)

  2. Cracking crucian Gromit.

  3. Lovely butter ball Monty...

  4. Well done Monty old chap.............. i have just ducked home for a change of clothing and to stock up on some more food as a two nighter has presented itself.

    Talk Tuesday mate, nice fish.

  5. Gent's,

    Yep they are great fish and as I said it's how you catch them IMO.You will get more on a Pole or the "Dead Lead".

    But what is angling to you ? To me it's fun to others it is "Soul Less Fucking Fishmongering"

    Ps Tom,you got it bad again.;-)

  6. "long lining", no better than...

  7. JAA,

    Ok I do a "Long Line" for dead baits,infact I have thirty on the Wye that I must pull in tonight.But I do not really enjoy it,unless I pull in the odd Salmon odd Sea Trout and I will sell to the Welsh in the 'morrow.

  8. Carbon Fibre... You should be ashamed!

  9. Oh, and the Welsh will not buy your sea trout.
    You must call them sewyn.

  10. And be careful not to get "Maggot Dust" in your bean tin.

  11. Otter,

    Knee playing up ? Or are you pissed on "Butty Bach" ?Three post's ?

    Yep I do love a bit of Cane,but trying to hook Cru's on a bit of Cane is hard.
    But I have a plan for an old "Sower Butt" Pole:-).

    Ps that Cru's bigger than any Barbel you have caught ;-).

    Out again tommorow,so must get me "KIT" ready for the secound part of my "CRU CAMPAIGN".

    Monty D

  12. Nice one Monty cracking fish, nice reel!!

  13. Biggun,

    Had that four years now I think ?Got it from an elderly,old gent you know.One who once decscribed me as acerbic :-)

    The reel and not the stuffed Cru I carry around!