Monday, 17 May 2010

Do Beards Make You A Better Angler ?

Thinking today about the various famous anglers and those not so.How many of our real angling demi-gods have facial hair ?Let's take a quick look at the facts......

Christopher Yates-Beard.
Des Taylor-Proper Beard 'an all.
Sir.Peter Springate-Carp legend type beard.
Tommy Pickering-Little Tash but he were that good he gets in.

And then their is my mate Paul "Popsy" Whiteing.The one in the photo in the center.This picture was taken around fours years ago at the BS Conference.Now what this man does not know about Centerpin reels,is not worth knowing.He is a legend in his own garden shed.The man can moan for England ;-)

But If you see this man on the bank,I plead with you do not fish within a mile of him!He carry's the dreaded "Black Spot" of the angling gods.You have been warned.He will admit he did not really catch much last season.And I know he is keen to put that right.So this little blog I hope will make him get out more,and shove these words right down my throat ?

And on the subject of the BS "Do's".I did hear a naughty little tale about someone signing a petition,but using another anglers name ?At the "Running Water Show" on the 09/05/10.At present it's just hearsay and innuendo,but I'll see If I can get some more information.If it's true ?In the words of Danny Dyer "That's Pwoper Nawwteyy"

Popsy Whiteing go for it son.And I'll see you on the bank next season.

Monty D

Ps The two other lads Neil and Glen, did not happen to have the bad luck rub off on them.Phew.


  1. Nice words Monty, ta mate.

    I'm going for 3 fish on opening day, which'll beat my total for the whole of last season.


  2. JAA, big face of the full greying. Check.

    Gosh, Illustrious company. btw how was Crowe and Arrows?

  3. I guess that Martin James was doing the slide show then, seeing that only three peeps were in the auditorium.......and they were talking amongst themselves.

  4. JAA,

    Watched it yesterday evening with the girls.They enjoyed It I thought it was a little to "Right on PC",for me.John Cleese and his sketch in Time Bandits kept popping in my head."The poor,oh yes the poor" etc,etc.

    That was at the lunch time interval.As you can see Popsy is eating.I was of course slumped on the floor with a carrier bag full of Ale.

  5. Always a risk with Robin Hood films, it's been done so many times in so many ways...and Mr Croe will forever be asscoaited with Gladiator. Hard to overcome both of those things, having said that I'll go see it...