Sunday, 23 May 2010

Dirty Bastards

It was a lovely morning so I thought I would take a walk along my favourite river as I had not been to look at her since last March.Water clarity was perfect and I saw plenty of various species looking very amorous.It surprising how much a river can change in a few months.It looked refreshed and replenished.

Would it look this way if the close season was abolished ?Anyway I was walking along and rounded a bend in the river to be confronted with a spectacle that will stay with me until my last breath.

Their,in full sight was a man,watching a shoal of spawning Barbel.Jogging bottoms round his ankles having a wank.I offed a cough to let this beast know I was behind him.He looked around with a look of pure panic on his face,he struggled to pull up his clothing and was off like a scalded cat.

But he left behind the evidence of whom he represented.Also he left a radio that I threw away in disgust.But it was still going and I heard the words"Agent Farmpton,agent Farmpton are you still with us ?""This is Spawn Spot HQ,are you still receiving over ?"

I have fished with some right characters over the passage of time,but never would I thought to have found such damming evidence on the bank,of something akin to bestiality.

Look at the magazine,in the photo.If it's encouraging it's members to act in this fashion,then I'm not surprised they are viewed with suspicion.It spoilt a good walk and frankly I need a lie down.

Monty D


  1. captain barbel23 May 2010 at 14:01

    disgusting, i had heard there was an underground cell of these depraved perverts in operation. now here is the evidence.

    it brings a whole new meaning to rolling your meat for barbel. scum !

  2. Monty one will be scared for life................. unbelievable depravity!!!

  3. ..probably doesn't even love barbel either, just says that to get them into the sack.

  4. That's disgusting. Yellow gloves.

  5. Monty you are a total pratt and thank god you do not take things to seriously.But you really do need to post more about fishing.Your so called "humour" is not that funny.

    A BS member.

  6. Gent's,

    'Tis just a little fun and no real harm was done to the Barbel "Agent Farmpton" was wanking over.

    Just as well her did not shoot his bolt.A Barbel with a "Combe Over" would have been the outcome.

    BS member,
    It's alot more alive than your forum,I'd say ;-)

  7. The grand Fromage24 May 2010 at 19:39

    Hey babe, take a walk on the wild side.

  8. Like it, made I larf!!

  9. Jas'

    It takes one to know one............

    Though it made I laff an' all!!

  10. Annon,

    The names "Monty" License to Thrill ;-)

  11. Made me laugh. Great damage is being done to the BS by the likes of the press officer and the regional officer involved.And nothing is being done about it.

    thats why I will not be rejoining!!

  12. Let's not get to nasty eh ? The blog entry was just a slight piss take.Of the BS.


    Monty D

  13. Bit of a dirty trick that interupting someone mid wank you should be ashamed of yourself.