Wednesday, 19 May 2010

For Yessling Ying

Is this more to your likeing ?From the film Babylon,the scene where "Beefy" is trying to dance at the Wedding reception.I think this a a proper old lovers rock tune and very hard to get now.This is a with out a doubt a "Rice and Peas" Sunday song,and I love it.

Have it in the vinyl box :-}


  1. That's more like it. I'm sure they used to play that one directly after "The Liquidator" by Harry J and the Allstars at the Molineux, back in the day.


  2. I'll knock you up a CD,of some old Lovers Rock,Ska,Northen Soul etc,etc.And let you have it on the Severn or the HA later in the season.Whitch ever comes first ?

    Keeps me off the crack pipe anyhow :-)

  3. Your getting the hang of this You-tube gizmo now mate LOL

    Got any Floyd?

  4. Tom,

    No Floyd mate ;-}.But one thing to note......Since uploading the videos on here.The "Pencil" edit keeps vanishing.So I have to keep resting that ?

    Anyway been playing about on this all afternnon,so now must cook dinner.

    Monty D

  5. So, no Lemmy then?

    Disappointed of Dorset.

  6. JAA,

    I like a wide spectrum of music.I'll have Maria Callas on my head set on the way to work.But one thing I've never like'd is METAL!

    Each to their own.

  7. I go from Mozart to Motorhead (Mozart, vivaldi are most listened too), but find a lot of "metal" dreary as well. "thrash" is worse. LZep, Pink FLoyd, JTull, JJCale all good though...

  8. Takes me reet back that do.