Thursday, 20 May 2010

Blood Knots by Luke Jennings

I purchased this book last Friday and finished it at lunch time today,after hearing it on radio 4's book of the week two weeks back.Now their are plenty of reviews both on-line and in the printed media,far more eloquent than I could ever offer.

But this is just a little review from me.This book contains the authors rites of passage growing up in Sussex.It has Angling,Falconry,World War Two and a host of others chapters that move around,but are still connected to the one story.In essence I suppose the way I read it, was that two men, had shaped Luke Jennings life.His late Farther who was a "member" of the Guinea Pig Club.And the soldier Robert Nairac who was beaten and ultimately killed by the IRA in the 1970's.

It's has in parts some moving moments(well it did for me).And some laugh aloud parts like this one, from an angry Farm charge hand about one of Jennings fellow labourer's in the school holidays,who had not shown up for work.Read it in a Sussex Burr "Cunt-'untin again ?""Worse'n a poacher's dog,that bye"

Miss this book at your peril.

Monty D


  1. I'd read a couple of other good reviws on this, I think I'll take the plunge

  2. JAA,

    Honestly I think most people would enjoy it,anglers or not.;-}

  3. Good is it, butt ? Funnily enough I've just started reading a book called "The Last of the River Hobblers--Making a Living on the Wye and Severn", a similar sort of thing to your book, I guess.
    The author grew up in rural Gloucestershire where his family cut withies, caught salmon, elvers etc to make a living during the 1930's. A funny book too. A life that has disapeared now.

  4. Yessling,

    Sounds good also mate.Who's the publisher ?Not enough books out their that tell a story these days.To much how to do,IMO.

  5. Monty, in my ketamine addled stupor, I got the title of the book slightly wrong. It's actually " The River Hobblers Apprentice---Memories of working the Severn and Wye", by Alan Butt. Published by the History Press.