Friday, 28 May 2010

Blog Wars a New Chapter ?

Anyone remember Barbel Wars from a few years back on various angling forums ?Well I was just heading off to the pub and took a call from my contact Rankin Dread,from Tivoli Gardens.

"Monty,wha gwan me breddah ?""Listen Star, news a reach me of a new development in da Blog world.""People dem wan fe mash down certain individuals,via dem blog fe real dread""Nuff,nuff people get vex fe true,over certain tings,seen"

"So you better watch ya back,cau big tings a gwan"."Monty me hafe dash me deh pon runnings"

Then the phone went dead.So I thought this song by Bob Marley would get us all ready for something that will make Barbel Wars,seem tame.

Monty D


  1. If d'shite pot stirrers are on d'prowl Monty, peace onto 'dem, dat's wot I say!

    Well something like that ;o)

  2. Mr.Fred,

    Never,ever go to a "Blues Dance".You'll stand out a sore thumb.

    Chat 'bout ;-)

  3. You were right Monty and i see some one has started on his own little blog and the despot,licks his arse.

  4. Right,

    If you want to have a "Pop",at least have the bollocks to sign with a Non De Plume.The only reason I'll let this one go,as the grammers is worse than mine!

    Honest gent's as I said my blog is banter,some like it ? Some hate it ?

    But no more poxy digs ok.