Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Barbel Politics A Coalition ?

Sitting upon Yat Rock today a thought suddenly hit me right in the noggin.Until yesterday Gordon Brown and Steve Pope (Chairman of the Barbel Society),had a few things in common.I'll elaborate If I may,they could have more or less been two peas in a POD.

Both held positions for which they were not elected.Both have worked hard for their respective party's.They have both avoided "coups" to oust them.Steve more than Gordon I'll wager ? But they may have clung on like a stale limpet that little bit to long ?And instead of doing what's right for the greater good,they could not let go.Well until Gordon stood down yesterday with a great speech and even cold hearted Monty got a little glow in my tum.While Steve still hangs on!

Steve you must heed the words of Enoch Powell"All political lives,un-less they are cut off in midstream at a happy juncture,end in failure because that is the nature of politics and human affairs".Go and be thought of well.

May I suggest a way forward ? I suggest you contact Dave Mason and Dave Burr of the Barbel Specialist Group and form a coalition to move the Barbel world into a new dawn.You are the man who can do this !Go out to a fanfare of applause and not with a knife in your back.

But be aware,do not let those crafty sods from the Still Water Barbel Society,from Dynamite Makins try and hijack the deal.Stand firm Steve in your long held beliefs.

Monty D


  1. Gordon is yesterdays man.While we of the "BS" will always love Steve.Monty your just a sado !

  2. "still Water Barbel"
    "Decaeffinated coffee"
    "Alcohol free beer"
    "Orgasm free sex"

    What's the f**kin' point?

  3. JAA,

    You can use a fruity expletive or two,without the need for ** etc.But I know you are an old school gent ;-).That's why though I activated the "Adult Content Warning" when people look in.It gives people a chance to not look.

    You put me up to it ;-)

  4. Is it just me, or does everyone get the window licker fomular to fill in, and "Your comment will be visible after approval" treatment? Almost a half a day delay, or else nothing...

  5. Will,

    I have to approve all comments on here.It's done via the "settings" mate.My blog is just a general light hearted piss take,but I have not published some right cuntish stuff aimed at people who can't come on here and defend themselves.That I think is wrong.

    Half a day delay maybe ? I do not tend to look on here until after work.And will not until the morning now.It's just banter but some people and their quotes were utter bollocks.

    Monty D

  6. the **'s are force of habit. I do this on my own site, not because I'm shy, but don't want the site being picked up on those words by search engines. Next thing you know I'll have 2 million fucking viagra emails...and stuff.

    Bollocks. etc. ;-)

  7. PS

    "Grass Carp". Useless fuckers. Freeze them all solid and fire them at France.

  8. Aha, so it manual, I thought it was some automated thing.

    As for cunts, well if cunts stick their necks out…. I’ll fucking chop, my blog is as easy to find a YouTube video.

  9. Will,
    What I ment was some nasty comments had been left,that I would not publish.As the people could not come on here and defend themselves.I take the piss out of the BS rotten.Some of the comments left were wrong,IMO.So they did not get published.

    Hope that has cleared that up.

    Monty D