Sunday, 30 May 2010

Angling Guide

I had a very early morning walk today, along the river and to my total astonishment these "flyer's" were on every tree!I filled a bin bag full of the stuff!Does the angling world really need another guide ?

I'm not sure that it does to be honest.There are plenty out on the river with paying guests at the moment.And most do a sterling job I would assume ? I do not envy these guys to be fair,it must be quite an intense experience knowing you need/must catch for your guest.And it's something dear old Monty would never like to do.

Can you imagine having a paying customer,who you take an immediate dislike too,but you have to be pleasant to them, for what twelve hours or so ?No chaps not I,and more power to the guides elbow.

To the gent who left these every where.Firstly your style of "tiffter" needs addressing.And you best not be caught on the bank opposite my club water next season!Apart from that I hope you make a few bob.

I also started my little pre-baiting campiagn(Oh I love that word),not to much bait though.I would not want the wrath of my fellow angler!

If I were Graham Elliot I would be worried.

Monty D

PS No wanking anglers either ;-)


  1. Shocking Monty, absolutely shocking!

  2. Longshanks,

    Ha ;-0

  3. Monty.

    it's Elliott with 2 tt's.

    And. Am I bovvered....................

  4. Mr.Elliott,

    "Tugs forlock in error" etc,etc.

  5. Imagine paying for a guide and taking an instant dislike to him!

  6. Dave,

    I'm sure that will not happen,as people book guides normally on "word of mouth".So I'm sure they will be happy with there choice ?

  7. They do Monty. It was tongue in cheek, as you know.

    This is my last season Guiding, I'll leave it to the young upstarts like Dave, Steve and Tref. Glad young Howard showed me the way into this, irreverant might be a good word.........


  8. I like Tref,he makes my mouth seem angelic.