Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Three Weeks Ago Today

I had to have my old pooch put to sleep at the age of 12.I had him from when his was 12 /13 weeks old.Sure I miss him very much,as he was a right character.But I've not got the ache in my gut's that I had for the first few days.Though the girls miss him also,he will always be my dog.

I still look for him and expect him to appear around the house.But now I smile and think of the scrapes we went through over the 12 years and I laugh about them.I've fucked up a lot over the last 40 years or so,but he was one thing I managed to do a good job with.So he deserves his own little entry on here.His ashes now sit in a little urn on the book case next to where I type this.

Be lucky boy and wait for me at the Rainbow Bridge

Edit I just had a rarther abusive response to this blog entry,far,far to rude to post up :-).Yes my friend the Fridge is rarther nasty,but It's in a very good mates back yard,who was indeed a Pikey.Though he was re-homed in a house,the dog was only four years old then.I thank you for your concern ;-}My back garden is the top one,though It still aint pretty as I hate gardening.


  1. You have your own stalker I am led to understand and it seems you are getting a few bites.Hey Monty you must be doing something right.

  2. It's ok to be honest.But I can't abide the "C" word the bounder used.:-}

  3. I always wondered what he looked like Monty, so thanks for posting the pictures. Looks a good lad.

  4. Yep he was a belter,though some seem to think all "Staffies" are bad dogs ?

    They are "people" dogs".And you have to know them to own them ;-)

  5. Nice picture Monty. Best of luck with the new one mate.

  6. JAA,

    New one will be around Christmas time and as discussed with your good self,from a rescue center.