Tuesday, 20 April 2010

This Ash Cloud

Just a very,very quick one as I'm off shortly for a mornings Tench fishing.I have a friend who let me down on three occasions last river season,on trips to the Hampshire Avon. And at short notice to boot! As usual the plethora of excuses were trotted out.Bad back,cold etc,etc.When in truth it was really just the rather inclement weather that put him off.

Now those who know me, may say I can be a vindictive C**t ?Or indeed something far,far worse ?I'll not disagree to be fair.

So to the chap who let me down who was supposed to be flying off to the West Indies today.Ha fecking ha.

As Earl said "It's Karma".Monty would just say,justice!

Monty D


  1. Karma indeed, Mr D. A person of my aquaintaince is stuck in Ghana at the mo, due to the no flying.

    I could think of nicer places to be stuck than Accra Airport......

  2. Oh the Irony,all the money in the world "And I'm sitting on the Dock of a Bay"

    Justice :-)

  3. You 'orrible pair of.................LOL

  4. It must be true that folks get more vindictive with age then Monty.

    I say, serves the fecker right.

  5. Tom and Anon,

    My Blog my rules,but yes I'm about to lift the glass and offer a "snigger or three" to Mother Nature.

    Get in their girl amd so to bed.:-)

    Monty D

  6. Like the new photo Monty!

    If you want to get the lettering darker, say black, go in to;

    ”Dashboard” then chose”Fronts and Colours” then you customise all your backgrounds and letter styles and colours…