Thursday, 22 April 2010

St.George's Day or Sant Jordi ?

Both are tommrow gentleman so how are you going to celebrate?Now I'm a very proud Englishman,love many things about our country and hate some particularly the national football team.Chavs and wankers If you ask me,I hope they go far in the World Cup(not win it as no doubt they will get knight hoods),but long enough to keep people off the bank in June.

But the thought of spending a night in the local tomorrow feels me with dread.I can see it now..................Replica football shirts,tattoos on show,beer belly's, cheap ear rings.That's just the women!Constant loud chatter about "Paki's and Coons taking our jobs".Cheap food on the bar while the landlord plays England football songs on the pub sound system.I'll give this one a miss.

Now Sant Jordi is also the patron Saint of Catalonia.Catalans traditionally exchange a book and a rose on their national day.And myself along with Mrs Monty will be joining two of her friends and their family's for a Sant Jordi dinner.Smashing people these lot who know how to drink,eat and have a good time.I of course will take along enough bottles of Spitfire and Bombardier just too pretend to be "Keeping It Real",best read that in the voice of Tim Westwood,dread!

I do though draw the line of swapping roses with Victor and Adolpho.What ever you do,do it well.I'll not drink to much as I'm off Tenching again on Saturday and I will try and take some pictures to prove i visit the bank.

Had some nice fish last Saturday and on Tuesday,so must now back it up with photo's.

For England and Sant Jordi gent's.

Monty D


  1. Yessling Ying...22 April 2010 at 17:04

    Don't start me off on "Celtic" tattoo's, Monty. Surely Celts are from Brittany, Cornwall, West Wales and the land we call Scot. So why does every mofo you see driving a Subaru/Mitsubishi/whatever have a "Celtic" tattoo ? Sheep, the lot of 'em. (shakes head and grinds teeth.)

  2. Dear Yessling Ying,

    That would be your "Pikey" brethren.I suggest a nice bit of Salmon fishing to soothe your frustration.


  3. Yessling Ying....22 April 2010 at 17:22

    Monts, I've now had 5 bloody pike to 10lb (and lost one) whilst casting the Flying C's in pursuit of a nobler (and silvery-er) species.
    Bloody toothy things.

    The next one I catch is coming home for the cats....

  4. Yessling Ying you are spot on with the tribal warrior tattoo's mate, they look far better on a Maori.

    It is the women folk that get me, they are far worse than the men when they have had a beer or two.

    Enjoy your evening Monty old chap and the Spitfire's, a fine bottle of brew.

  5. Celtic Tattos. Bah. Several things come to mind:
    (1) St George was Trurkish
    (2) How did the dragon know it was a virgin?
    (3) Why do we have dragons?

    Happy St Georges day anyhoo.