Saturday, 10 April 2010

"Easter Gate"

Looking down from Yat Rock I have seen a huge weeping and a wailing in Internet land in the last week about the rod licence saga.It's to be known from now on as "Easter Gate" the day the EA had many from a well known Barbel Angling Shite on toast.

Common sense would dictate that if the EA electronic system was malfunctioning you give up and maybe think "Hey I knew Easter was coming and I may have wanted to fish,so why not get my rod licence early ?"Easy one would have thought to be honest.

Or would you keep entering your bank card details again and again smashing the key board in a fit of pique,like a demented Chopin ?Then when the EA system catches up you get stung for up to six times the amount of a single license.

You then spend a whole week posting about it,decrying the EA and the lemming like mentality kicks in and posters offer their tales of woe.While many people I know thought "Good serves the thick toss pots right".

In essence chaps you only have yourselves to blame with your sloth like action!But why you need to drone on and on about it on-line?Get a gun and hold up your local PO for a rod licence.It's that easy.

Moving on to some good news on the Barbel front for those who think Mr.Otter, has all but killed Barbel sport.A chap I know was fishing a well known commercial water, in the South East of England over Easter and had 18 Barbel,in a few hours on meat over hemp on the float.No bull either.Perhaps the BS may take note and build a certain miserable BS member who moans of having no good water near 'im his own little lake?And put some nice hanging baskets around it to make it pretty and make him feel at home?He would still moan I'm sure ?Just a thought though as I know the BS committee strive to please the members.

Lastly Grand National day today and Tricky Trickster carries my money.Apparently it is Lady's Day at Aintree today ?Do not make me laugh as lady's in Liverpool are as rare as hens teeth.Have you seen the way they dress ?Decorum it's not a word I would use and the fake tan,I'm off for a lie down.

Good day to you all.


  1. Monty it looks like yours was the only money the bookies took! Nice for AP though shame for Ruby.
    8 days mine from ordering on line. 1 payment!

  2. It was Rizzy's nick name mate.Not a tip just a feeling :-}.Hope you made a few bob ?

  3. Would those hanging baskets contain fuschias by any chance?

  4. Still water barbel fishing............. the bloke should be flogged!

  5. Otter,
    I could not let on :-}

    Not for you and I obviously, but how many will flock to catch Barbel from commercial still water fisheries,when and if the decline of a riverine enviroment continues?Even the BS appear to be more relaxed over this issue now.Or is it all about cash :,-}

  6. Strangely Rollin Ray picked up on some of the questionable sponsership deals the Chair of the BS has in relation to stillwater barbel Monty, he commented on 2Bobs blog. Not as on the ball as you were a year ago though. :)

  7. Yes I read that yesterday,where Monty leads others follow :-}

  8. Ah Monty, A rant after my own heart. Bit worried about the 14st bar for being FF though, it's not my fault you don't eat enough.

    ...and I only paid for my rod license once...


  9. Blimey,

    JAA in "Da house" I'm blessed.If you want a look at a proper angling blog,"goggle" in Just Another Angler.....'Tis good stuff.