Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Gordon Brown

Bloody hell Gordon is that what you think of a life long Labour voter who has the "Brass Neck" to ask questions over immigration into this country ?I've just heard it on Radio 4(very non Chav this station :-])

Could this be the death knell for the Labour Party in this election ? If you do question the poilicy of immgration it does not make you a raving Nazi.

Gordon you have made my day.

Monty D


  1. Gordon sat with his head in his hands as it was played to him for the first time live on radio 2 shortly after the incident, how I laughed. Its all over now cocker, back to Scotland you go.

  2. I wonder who mentions it first on the last debate on Thursday night ?

    4/5 Cameron ?

  3. Hard to win an election with yer foot in yer gob. Cameron must be hugging himself with glee.

  4. ...and this blanket "must be a Nazi if you question immigration" thing is also used with education. If you question standards "you're running down the hard work of our school children". I correct the errors on the worksheets my lot get and send them back. Any teacher with any pride would have contacted me by now.

    Chickens. Roost. Coming home to.

  5. This is totally true I promise.A work mate and his family still live in the London Borough of Tower Hamlets.They come under the Poplar and Limehouse Ward.

    Two Fridays back,his son had a letter home from his school.Asking his parents if their son would like to continue with French next year,or learn Bangladeshi ?

    Now this is not racist,but as I said to Mike "How the bloody hell will Bangladeshi help him ?"

    You could not make it up etc,etc.

  6. ..Manderin, I could understand...