Sunday, 18 April 2010

Fisherman's Blues

Anyone listen to Keith Arthur's radio show on the Talk Sport station today ?No me neither been out and about from early.But had a couple of phone calls from folk who did.It looks like that the diminutive rolling meat legend Ray Walton took the Barbel Society to task over certain issues regarding Still Water Barbel,and possible double standards ?

As I say I've not heard it,but here is my view from Yat Rock.The BS have a "Swim Wild,Swim Free" mantra.They used to often be seen in the angling media speaking out against Barbel in Still Waters.But it's been very quiet or so it seems this last year or so.Is it me? But is it because the Chairman of the BS,Mr.Steve Pope receives a bait sponsorship from Dynamite Baits,who also sponsor the Dynamite Baits Makins Fishery,that have Barbel in their lakes to double figures in weight.

I've nowt against Barbel in lakes,If people want to fish for them then fine.But If I were a member of the Barbel Society and believed in the ethos of "Swim Wild,Swim Free".Then I would want to know why Steve Pope accepts sponsorship from a company that has a tie up with a commercial fishery,that stock Barbel into their lakes.

Good for you Ray for speaking out!It would be nice if Steve could speak next weekend on the show, to put his view point across?As I do not want to appear as If I am takeing sides.I should of course join the BS,but frankly Fred Bonney scares the pants off me.

Monty D


  1. ...which is why "sponsorship" is such an iffy thing. Tackle and bait makers don't have any principles, they just want to sell, and once you've taken the money, you're committed...and of course it can look just like a sellout from the outside.

    btw I'm agaisnt barbel stocking into still waters, likewise anything where it don't belone, incluidng mink, coypu, wolves (eh?), beaverss (what twat thought it good to reintorduce beavers into scotland) grass carp, goldfish and orfe. Leave eco systems alone!

    Good view from up here Monty...

  2. JAA,

    Nail on the head time in regards principles.But why sell out your long held beliefs for a few kilos of bait ?