Friday, 30 April 2010

Blessed Are The Cheese Martrys

Today from Yat Rock I have spotted a real corker of a tale, of the over the top "Nanny State".A young man who goes by the name of Jack Ormisher,aged two had his Cheese sandwich confiscated!!Cue much anger.

Now young Jack took his lunch to his nursery school,in Pemberton near Wigan.It was confiscated by a member of staff(think jack boot's and long leather coats)as it contained no lettuce or tomato.Am I makeing this up?I wish I was to be honest.

I spoke to Wigan Council today and can confirm this."The straight up combination of Cheese and bread contravenes it's healthy eating guidlines-and fully supported the Nazi,oops sorry member of staff who took the offending sandwich".

This from a small provincial town that boast's of it's PIES!.Proper healthy eating is that!

I would suggest all of you over the weekend gorge on Cheese sandwiches,with plenty of mayonaise and mustard.No green stuff please.

Jack if you read this son ?I'll be out tommorow trying for a Crucian Carp or two.And will eat a Cheese sandwich in your honour named the "Ormisher".

As the man said "Bleesed are the Cheese Martrys".

Monty D


  1. As i sit here drinking beer and eating dry roasted peanuts i am horrified at what our beloved country has come too............... where will it all end.

    George Orwell was not a written of fantasy he was a visionary.

    Good luck with the Crusian's tomorrow Monty.

  2. Yessling Ying1 May 2010 at 07:21

    The cheese rollers of Coopers Hill, Gloucester, fought a battle of broken limbs just so that WE could enjoy our good English cheese.

    Sadly, the dreaded "Health and Safety" faceless dullards banned this years event and it seems they've taken their nonsense to little children's sandwiches. Pathetic beyond belief. Let's wrap our children up in cotton wool......
    Viva la revolution, baby.....

  3. It's vital to fight these morons at every step.

    Argue, berate, complain and go to the press.

    Don't let them get started.

  4. I did indeed tuck into a couple of Cheese sandwiches on the bank today.Also included in these were Ham,sliced Gerkins and Colemans ENGLISH AND PROUD MUSTARD.

    Heart burn was a sod though.