Tuesday, 13 April 2010


Growing up as a kid any fish was worth it's weight in gold.Gudgeon were plentiful,Perch and Roach abound.Maybe the odd Crucian Carp and Tench thrown into the mix.Then you grow older and you suddenly get a few pubic hairs,read Carp Fever(first edition) and hey ho you are now a specimen hunter.

I remember one night creeping into to the local trading estate and stealing the covers off the backs of Lorry's to hang over our brolly's down on the lake.And boy did those brolly sag under the weight.We needed a "Bivvie" right ?But they were happy times and care free with Mum and Dad always about to help with bait,tackle ect.

Now Perch have had such a huge resurgence in the last six years or so.I had my first decent Perch over three pounds about five years ago.And plenty of three plus Perch up to 3.11.But try as I might I cannot get that elusive 4lb plus fish.

Much to my shame I even stopped weighing fish that were well over 2lbs but under 3.They did not count as the fishing was so good.How sad is that ?I know certain waters have larger fish,but I got caught up in the "I must catch and catch big" thing.Yes I do like to catch larger specimens be they Perch,Tench,Pike,Chub ect,ect.But what's more important being happy in peace and quiet or trying to be an angling "hero" ?.It's not as If I need to prove my captures to anyone.So why did I get so fed up ?When did a 2.8lb Perch become such a poor fish ?Mr.Perch himself does not know,does he ? When did a 5lb Chub become "Only a Chub about 5lb,did not even weight it".I'm guilty of that.I would love like many,to see the large Roach of days gone by come back to the fore.And maybe less single species anglers on the river.Yes you know who you are,you Boris heads.

Where is this leading ?No where really,but as I get older I'm starting to think angling has lost it's way.If you do not catch and catch big all the time then you are seen as a chump ?Or should I say we as anglers have lost our way ?I know I did for a while,but I now I enjoy fishing alone more and more.Pleasing myself and just being happy to be out.

Christ not even a rant ?Melancholy old me.I think we may have got blase over the last few years with our rivers being in such rude health.we may need to get used to catching less but just being less hassled as the "fish chasers" leave the rivers and go back to the lakes ?

Monty D


  1. Well said. I read Carp Fever myself this year (!) Poertry it ain't but I was blown away by the focus of Mr. M. He may have started the whole bivvie movmen, but let's face it, nearly every bivvie angler you see hasn't a tenhth of the savvy and dedication that KM had. They know what he did, but havn't really got a clue why, where and when he did it. But if you can't catch the fish, then at least wear the uniform eh lads? JAA

  2. I was a mere slip of a lad when I read that,but as you say he was dedicated.Around the same time I watched a programme late on Friday night about South Weald lakes I think ?And how mad these Carp anglers were camping out all night to catch a fish.It also had Geoff Kemp on the programme showing his bait flavours.Mown Grass was one smell and he said.

    "The angler is not buying Mown Grass,but a stack of 20lb Carp on the bank".How times have changed,but I will save that for another day.


  3. Kempy's Green Zing, remember that ? And for the gay carpers amongst us, he did Pink Zing too.

  4. Pink Zing ?

    No mate I do not recall that ? Anyway answear your phone,look you see.I need the "Taff" Mafias tales of that "Dead Mens" shoes lake you were on in the late 80's early 90's.

    Pink Zing,rubbish rolled between the cheeks of a young Adam Fisher no doubt.

  5. Any fish is a bonus in my book Monty, be they big or small they are all very welcome.

  6. “I remember one night creeping into to the local trading estate and stealing the covers off the backs of Lorry's to hang over our brolly's down on the lake.And boy did those brolly sag under the weight.We needed a "Bivvie" right ?But they were happy times and care free with Mum and Dad always about to help with bait,tackle ect."

    Wonderful Monty, reminds of my first all-nighters tench fishing over the Hollow ponds, always started out with good intentions, but with a lack of fish action it always degenerated in to mayhem, maggots in the food, the passed out “serious angler” being lifted garden recliner and all into the margins. Problem was, there had to be a gang of you, being sandwiched between the Snaresbrook estate and the Lea Bridge road if you were alone or just a few, you where a sitting duck for pikies an nonce’s… Still that all changed once the bollocks dropped, BMX’s sold and some poor Muppet got a driving license so it was Holly fields, the smell of cow shit, Seaspins and monkey climbers… ended up selling it all to help purchase my first nine bar, that didn’t work out at all well… Signaled the end of both my carp fishing and drug dealing career…


  7. Will,
    Hollow Ponds did have some really cracking Tench back in the day.I remember June the 16th 1985 bunked off school and had two Tench before the sun got way to hot.As you know it was a very clear lake.I watched the two fish I caught that day,tip up and suck in the corn and watched the float go.

    Dark bodied fish and lot like the light skined ones you see in the angling mags from commercial fisheries.Good times.

  8. Talking of tench, there was a lovely little pond as it happens just by the entrance to that posh school, Forest school I think it was called; only a few hundred meters from the Hollows as the crow flies, it was almost a perfectly round little basin. Anyway I was only young then, early teens but I vividly remember this guy teaching me how to fish using bread, and the lift method, the tench weren’t huge, but inspiring, a lesson that I still recall today when tackling up, one of those defining moments, helped me conquer the Epping forest ponds…


  9. I'll be out Saturday after Tench on the lake we fished a couple of weeks back.It's still a little cold,but my mate will I would assume fish two rods in the deeper channel ?

    I'll try around the pads(If they are up yet ?),with corn and fish the "lift method".I'll not knock anyone on how they wish to fish,but one on the float is worth ten on the lead.Or so the Bard of Bridgenorth tells me.


  10. Tom,

    Missed your comment bud,sorry.As you know your welcome to a couple of guest sessions or more next season when you can jugle your dates :-)

  11. The bard of BridgEnorth? Ss that the one that Tinks has to explain in words of one, "yer floats gone down yer fat yam *****"