Thursday, 15 April 2010

American Style Politics Come To ITV

Not really but tonight we the UK voter has the chance to watch the three Stooges,try and convince us that the political party they represent, can be trusted to lead the land to a new dawn.The US have had these political debates for years and who ever comes over as "smooth" can nick a few votes.But tonight I will be surprised if more than 10 questions are asked,and giving the 76 rules agreed to by the three party's it will be a stilted affair.

Well forgive me for thinking bollocks!I guess most of us have an interest in politics ?But can you really trust anyone in power to serve us ?Not in my eyes, once in power all the good intentions fade away to nothing.It's all about them getting richer and stuff the rest.

Gordon Brown,nope can't stand the man.In fact when he is on the television I have to walk out the room.

"Dave" Cameron I can't take to him either and I do not care how rich he is,or about his Eaton background as I've met some people who are very posh and rich and they are smashing.But he reminds me of a man who would sell Double Glazing.

Nick Clegg.A total non entity.

If I could ask each of these a question I would ask these.

"Mr.Brown,or may I call you Cyclops ?Why do you despise the English so much and why does your Scottish cabal of a government funnel so much money from England to Scotland"

"Mr.Cameron your wife hails from Burton-Upon-Stather,and her farther is the main land owner their,why is he so loathed".Get out of that one Cameron!

"Mr.Clegg,your wife Miriam is a proper naughty looking thing,how much did you pay to get her visa stamped to reside here?"

I should be serious but we will learn nothing from to nights shenanigans.I'll best stay off the ale before hand though,as I'll be 'effing and 'Cccing at the Television within in seconds If I don't.I'll come back to this topic later,but just wanted to get it off my chest.

Monty D


  1. What a load of tripe Monty, the three stooges are laughable.

    Who ever wins the next election will still rip us off while they get richer!

  2. Tom I made it through the first sixteen minutes before throwing a few choice words at the box,then sloped off up to bed.Leaveing the girls to watch it.

    What a bunch of "Eyes Fronts".