Saturday, 27 March 2010

Spring Forward

Not this year she's not,old Mother Nature is well behind this time last year.A friend and I had a trip out to a lake today(Saturday) that we had a few Tench from around this time last season.Cracking water of about eight acres,secluded and peaceful.

Looking at the place today,spring is well behind.Matey fished two rods with method feeders for a few Bream.While I float fished around where the Lilly Pads will eventually show,for a few Bream,Roach and a couple of small "Sniggs".

Looking at the weather forecast for the next few weeks,it does look like it will be another couple of weeks yet before things get going ?

The photo is of a couple of Carp,and a nice hot day.Just to remind us that summer is not far away?

Anyway back to "Sniggs".This is a word that the Midland lads use to describe Eels and I phoned my Midland contact the Bard of BridgeNorth in the week to enquire why ?It does help If you read BB's words in a strangled Yam Yam tone.....

MD in my cultured tone "Hello fella,why do you Midland lads call Eels "Sniggs" ?

BB "How the fook would I know,like" ? "We have always called 'em "Sniggs".

Helpful as ever the Bard.Still I love the word so If anyone can tell me why "Sniggs" I would love to know.

Now to a word I hate in some ways.CAMPAIGN!

Look around and you will see "anglers" on Internet forums saying"I am just about to start my Spring Carp CAMPAIGN".Or "A winter bait CAMPAIGN for Barbel","Tench CAMPAIGN".

No lads your going fishing,you are not invading Iraq,charging into Helmand Provence.Fishing that is all it is.

I have visions of these clowns head to toe in camoe,pulling up at a water(please god not mine) jumping out of their all terrain
"Hummers" and charging about like idiots.Anyone remember the closing scene from the Blues Brothers?When all the soldiers are ab sailing down the building going "hutt,hutt,hutt"

That is these lads who are starting a "Campaign".This is not a word I use often,but lads your nowt but C***s.

Honest chaps it's just fishing and it's to be enjoyed.If It's a battle,then quit!

Just my view though :-}


  1. Ah yes, the old "campaign" word, no doubt used by anglers who want to "..bring it on, fella.."

    Had to laugh, the other day I came across an advert for Pitbull carp rods made by Maver. Pitbull ! I can see the multi-tattooed and multi-pierced crowd buying them by the bucket load.

    Whatever happenned to gently named tackle, the Avocet, the Avon etc ?

  2. "Pitbull"?

    It will sell and you know it will.What next?Jesus wept and then some.

  3. I am going to start a campaign to abolish the word campaign! LOL

    Spring is slowly creeping in, the ornamental pear tree in the front garden is starting to bud.

    Good stuff Monty.

  4. Talking of "Pears" I'm going down the Saracens Head now to ogle the bar maid,and my does she have a pair.