Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Sex Life Need A Boost?

As we get older our sex life may go down hill ?We do not have the "get up and go" of years before.We are not a strong as we once were ?Sure we may wax lyrical down the pub to our peers of how much of a love god we are ?

But help may be at hand(not in the real sense) I hasten to add!

Onthophagus taurus is a type of dung beetle and has been named as the contender for the title of the world's strongest insect.It can pull a load 1,141 times it's own body weight.The equivalant of a human pulling six fully laden double decker buses.

The strength according to the insect experts is down to it's curious sex life.Apparently Female beetles dig tunnels where males mate with them.If a male enters a tunnel already occupied by a rival,they lock horns and try to push each other out.

How does this help us ?I would suggest sneaking into in the dead of night,your local insect emporium and nabbing a few.Take these home and while your partner lounges back on the bed(It matters not what sex your partner may be),put a few around the entry to your bedroom.Then tape two forks to your head and go down on all fours and get the buggers out.This will help you get stronger and make your partner moan with longing over your macho stance.Also you can cook the beetles for a post coitus snack.

Hey no one said it was going to be all angling.

Lastly to the three chaps who were spotted angling out of season for Barbel on the Wye today.Pack it in you have been warned!!



  1. Worry ye not Monty, I've had the perps of this heinous crime bullwhipped in front of WH Smiths in Ross town this very afternoon.
    They've got a long walk back to Newport too.

  2. Those heinous "taffs" are capable of anything........... lol.

    Looks good mate

  3. Nah they are not all bad,they gave us JPR and Choirs.

    Off down to the Saracens Head for a munch

  4. Ooooh, Wye Valley HPA isn't it. The best beer from the best boozer, look you.

  5. Tom,

    I thank you.

    No it was lot's and lot's of Cider as I intend to binge,now that nice Mr.Darling has taken it upon himself with his Budget to blame us chaps who drink god's own brew.For all this country's problems.

  6. Now it's up to the pub landlords to put the cider prices in line with beer. They just need to cut the profit margin to match. Cider has been for cheaper than beer (per barrel) for years.