Tuesday, 23 March 2010

A funny thing happened on the way to the Forum

Or not as the case may be?

Angling forums in general have a place in the mordern day world or do they?Sure they are great for anglers who wish to meet new friends.Swap information on tackle and ideas.That is fine by me but what about catch reports on your lakes,canals and rivers?

How do you feel? When one day the waters you fish all of a sudden get's very busy oweing to some buffon posting information for every man and his dog to digest?Is this person trying to help?Or is he trying to play the big "I AM".

I know what I think!! But it often falls on deaf ears as anglers now seem to have less and less time.And want maximum results with less effort.And we all know the bigger the capture the better the angler?Right?Not in my eyes.

Years ago anglers went and fished waters and found out what lurked beneath the depths with hard work and graft.Now they just "lurk" if that is the right wording?On internet forums and look for snippets of information.It's all me,me,me.Not all but the many.

Of course "matey" who spews fourth the info get's plaudits and some angling hero status for helping out.When indeed it's another nail in the coffin for the magic of angling.One day I hope they sit back and think...........You know I should really have put in my brain,prior to posting that.

But then again I will not hold my breath.Perhaps it is I that has it all wrong? And I must embrace fully this angling forum and it's Brother Hood?

Yep It's probally me just getting old?Who knows to be honest?

It's just my view from Yat Rock


  1. Yessling Ying says.....couldn't agree more. They who sing like the proverbial canary not only ruin their fishing but others too. Selfish in the extreme. :(

  2. Yessling Ying,

    A man after my own heart welcome sir.

  3. Thank you. As you may guess, Yessling Ying is not my REAL name. (Real name is really Thora Sprocket), however a yessling ying is the pikey name for a "wrestling ring", as pikies have trouble pronouncing most words in the English language properly. And those pikies are always wanting to get anyone who vexes tham in the "yessling ying" at any and every opportunity.

  4. They're all crooks. Crooks, the lot of 'em.