Tuesday, 30 March 2010

For The Romantics

Try this at home or not ?

The Karma Sutra position number 52.

"The Pirate"

When going at it "Doggy Style",just as you are about to come,pull out and spit on your beloveds back.So she thinks you have come.
When she turns around unleash a blast right in her face to stun and amaze her!

Known as the "Pirate"because she will put her hand over her eye and say "arrrrrgggghhhhh"

Do not blame me if it back fires though.



  1. Monty, your sexual peccadillo's never seem to amaze and amuse me.

    Live long and prosper.

  2. Swell, signore!! fucking and fishing, i like it, alot..


  3. William,

    Welcome my friend.How is "Scandi Land" ?

  4. Springs here, signaled by the simultaneous melting of the winters accumulated dog shit! We’ve open water, but with slushy margins, so it’s soon time, mind you winters made a comeback in May before now… by the by, I like the blog, I felt woken up reading it! I’m so fucking sick of PC angling forums, or over styled angling resources run by twerps, JAA aside… It’s inspired me to start blogging again myself… nice one!! 

  5. Stick up a link then mate,so I can link yours ?I'm proper" Pony" at doing all that stuff.


  6. http://william-thebaitbox.blogspot.com/

    It’s empty at the minute though…


  7. Right crack on then!Plenty of "Lovers Rock",Lee or is that Lea tales ?Please!

    Time for dinner.

    Be Lucky.

    Monty D