Saturday, 20 October 2018

All The Big Perch Are Gone

I don't tend to bother with the blog anymore, it's too much of a chore and to me, it's not as much fun as it used to be. But I keep hearing from people that the "Big Perch" have died off and no backup fish are coming through. Lot's of pontificating from so-called experts who fish my local rivers.

Gent's that is simply not the case, two nice fish today that weighed in at 3.4 and 3.11. Nothing complicated just small lures fished in a place the Perch like to hang out this time of year. Christ If a cack-handed twat like me can bring a few to the net then anyone can, surely? Not the best of photos with a damp phone, but you get a general idea?

Now get off your arses and enjoy yourselves and stop fucking moaning. The world is your lobster Terry, my boy.

Be Lucky

Monty D

Tuesday, 27 March 2018

Know Your Roots

But do you ever think about where you come from? Sadly I've got a funeral to attend on Thursday for a mates Dad who passed away recently, but he lived a life well and met his maker at the age of 92 and luckily passed away in his sleep.

It's not often I go back to Hackney now, most of us have moved away over the years. The area has changed immeasurably over the passage of time. Today you will struggle to find a one bedroom flat in Dalston Junction for under £450,000. To me, that's silly money for a new build property and then you add in the service charge.

But over the weekend, looking at youtube as you do putting in random searches this popped up. It made me smile, from an era long gone. About four minutes in, you can view The Mothers Hospital on Lower Clapton Road where I was born way back in 1970. The street names and views brought back a myriad of memories.

Even now when I meet people and they may ask "Where are you from?" I always reply "Hackney mate" It may seem odd, moved away some time ago, but the pull of the area still holds my heart.

As for the fishing, last weekend Gruff and I shared a boat on a ressie looking for Perch with lures. It was tough I managed a Jack. Many blanked including a pro guide, though as ever it was a laugh. Gruff needed to empty his bladder, no "bailer" in the boat so he used his Spinnerbait box. Class as always mate, next time though take the lures out first.

Be Lucky

Monty D

Sunday, 18 March 2018


Just a very quick one, Gruff spent the last two weeks of the season down on the Broads to celebrate his 65th birthday and also his retirement.

Sadly some fucker stole his boat trailer overnight from the seventh into the eighth of March. It was stolen from "Phoneix Fleet" immediately downstream from Potter Heigham Old Bridge. The picture is below. If anyone has any information about this, please give me a shout as we would dearly love to get it back.

Topman "Bubbles" you did well. Now I've not been to a West Ham home game since we left Upton Park, nor will I while we play in that shit hole. But I did laugh when I saw this guy on the box, someone many of us have known for a long, long time. If your not West Ham it will mean very little, but if you are? It harks back to the Bond Scheme protests way back in 1992. It looks like the pot is simmering away nicely. A taxi for Brady anyone?

Also the reports of Gold and Sullivan being peppered by coins. Not a shred of evidence to prove this fact and with cameras everywhere these days it would have been flushed out by now I'm sure. More lies from the "Dildo Brothers" me thinks

Funny old week our fans being branded scum by sections of the media, while a Sky pundit gobs at a child through a car window and people defend his actions.

Be Lucky

Monty D

Sunday, 25 February 2018

The Ice Man Cometh

The last few weeks for me have been dire on the rivers, the levels have been up and down like a yo-yo. Then throw into the mix the fluctuating weather conditions and well in short since Christmas it has been largely shit.

Yesterday was no better, yep it had a biting wind that cut through me. But I needed to try and sneak in a good Perch and ended with one small Pike for five hours toil. You can see the net freezing in double quick time and next week it's looking really cold in the UK.

Nice to get out, but much, much nicer to arrive home, though we will not mention the Rugby! Na well played Scotland a thoroughly deserved win for those guys.

I picked up another little reel in the week, via Japan. A little Daiwa Alphas Air for some tiny crankbaits in the Spring for Trout. Just need to spool it up and give it a whirl, maybe next weekend for Perch if it warms up a little?

Otters and the petition to the government. Well not surprisingly it was blown out of the water, but it does not end here brothers of the angle! The Barbel Society are planning a march on Downing Street on Saturday the 17th of well March.

I feel this could be the making of Rich Frampton, his Emily Pankhurst moment. Go for it Rich, I've always felt you were a man who could get things done.A leader of men, in life some blaze a trail, while others follow the blazers. Rich you are the former, go for it!

Agent Rocca, if you want to post on forums with my ideas in future please at least acknowledge my genius instead of taking the plaudits for yourself!

From way back in 2010.

Nowt changes.

Meanwhile in Wessex Pete Reading is strutting his stuff around town to this.

Be Lucky

Monty D

Saturday, 13 January 2018

Tough Going

After Christmas the rain came with a degree of inevitability, you spend days cooped up at home and are yearning to get out. Only to be met by this seething mess. This was one of the better days, it soon spent much of it's time in the meadows, only this week dropping back before the next deluge appears on the radar. No fish caught what so ever and personally using lures in water like this is futile, for me anyhow. 

Recently a spur of the moment decision was taken to grab some gear and get out and hopefully find some fish. The river looked in perfect nick and just for once things went more or less to plan. I spent an hour on a beat that has done some good Pike in the past, but the recent floods have done a fair amount of damage. Trees have been deposited on the bank side, silt clings to your boots making each step a chore. In short it just looked pony, so a move about two miles downstream was in order. It does not suffer so much owing to it the banks themselves being that much higher.

Nothing to set the world alight big fish wise, but an enjoyable session all the same resulting in six small Pike about this stamp and a solitary Chub, who wore the look of a fish who had been fooled by a lure and though oh bugger.   

It was just good to be back out in decent conditions, just you and your thoughts. A beat of river to myself, a few fish caught. That's all anyone wants right?

Be Lucky

Monty D

Saturday, 23 December 2017

Does The Bell Still Ring?

Kids I've some bad news, very bad indeed. If you are expecting Father Christmas to visit you tomorrow night, then sadly you are out of luck. You see dear old Saint Nicholas is lost, he is stuck on a large reservoir in the south of England, going around and around trying to find some feeding fish.

I swam ashore yesterday, the pain was to much to bare, watching this cuddly man close to tears. His parting words to me were "I'll not come off the water until I've landed a twenty so fuck Rudolph". It looks like Easter may be out the window as well.

So kids, don't expect sweet FA. It's just one of those lessons in life in that you don't always get what you wish for. Live by that mantra and it will stand you in good stead.  

Now you simply cannot do a Christmas blog, without the presence of a Robin. This one is from a few years back while Barbel fishing. I fed him some Hi-Nu-Val but fear that to much black pepper oil was in the mix, as not long after it dropped down dead. Another lesson in life kids, do not accept things from strangers.

I'll be off fishing again in the morning, no choice really. Denise is hosting a "Prosecco Lunch" for a few friends starting at noon. The last time they had one of these was in August, it went on until midnight. Carnage, sheer carnage and the same outcome is a forgone conclusion.

Now over the years a carol has been slipped into my Christmas blog, but this year a small movie clip. Now does the bell still ring for you? Or have you lost it? Me, well it will for ever ring trust me on that. Because I'll always be a big kid, can't see myself ever growing up.

A Merry Christmas from up high on Yat Rock.

Be Lucky

Monty D

Monday, 18 December 2017

A Slight Slip

It's not often I get serious on here, try not to preach and offer advice. But after yesterday, maybe offering some advice seems pretty apt.

The river had been over the banks about a week ago, owing to the snow and rain. Scanning the EA website daily, it was running off nicely come the weekend. So yesterday morning, packing a few lures for Perch off I went. But sadly the river was still carrying far to much colour for my liking, although it was only about two feet up on it's normal winter level.

Had a Jack take a small spinner bait, so was pleased with that to avoid a blank. Roaming about, I lost my footing and had a right pearlier of a fall and ended getting a little wet, it could have been worse. You can laugh about these things now, but at the time it was not to clever. My fault really, I'd not given much thought to the under foot conditions. All the sediment and standing water had frozen, leaving the bank like an ice rink.

It got me thinking, wear a life jacket. We wear one in the boat, why not on the bank side in these adverse conditions? It may just save your life one day god forbid. Not preaching just saying!  

Ahh bless ain't they cute, having the time of there lives back in September at Chez Rocca's. Lush grass, good food and a doting owner.

Moving forward and this came into the Yat Phone today, not smiling now yer fuckers are you. Merry Christmas, don't make me laugh. Try not to wince or be offended, they were spoilt rotten and one is on route to us here at Yat Rock.

I'll be back out a couple of times this week and try not to fall in-promise.

Be Lucky

Monty D